Thatch Repairs, Renovations and new installations


A. Thatch Restitution. An affordable process entailing the following:

Thatch roof repairs

  • Pull the existing thatch grass out, ± 50/75 mm.
  • Brush & comb it back to its former line & level (thickness).
  • Re-set the ceiling layer on the inside.
  • Pull all the twines tight around the batons from the inside of the roof.

Note: This process is only effective if the binding twine is still intact and not visible from the outside (still covered by exterior thatch). Therefore only worth doing, or effective, for relatively new or well maintained roofs.

Cost effective, quick, and with little impact on the inside of the buildings.

This procedure will lengthen the lifespan of thatched roofs in general.

Pulling the binding ropes tight while re-setting the ceiling layer from the inside ensures that the interior ceiling is always clean and neat and that insects etc do not nest or inhabit the roof on the inside.

Most importantly, this method ensures that the layer of thatch covering the twines on the exterior side of the roof always stays the same thickness.

This process, combined with the conversion of fiberglass ridging to cement, will always be the ideal maintenance procedure for existing thatched roofs, because it will reduce the normal annual costs of maintaining roofs to virtually zero.

B. Re-Thatching of an Existing Thatched Roof.

Only done when there is no other option. I.e. the existing thatch is very old, or the roof was neglected in the past and very little or no maintenance was done to it.

This process entails the complete removal of ridges and existing thatch grass from the particular roof before it is re-thatched and re-capped entirely.

This process gives us the opportunity to strengthen, correct and also replace broken timber trusses or batons if needed. It also allows us to change the shape of the existing timber frame if needed, before it is recovered with new thatching grass.

C. Installing a layer of Thatch on top of an existing Thatched Roof.

This process is very much the same as re-thatching but is a more affordable option. It is less time consuming while the effect on the interior is less disturbing and of lower impact.

It still seals off the roof on the outside while the interior (ceiling layer) remains the same. Ridging is also replaced and guarantee stays the same i.e.: 5 years on workmanship

D. Fractional repairs done to existing Thatch roofs.

This is the most commonly used process. Thatching grass is removed from the most affected areas on the existing roof in order to be re-thatched. This is process entails a mix of all the other processes and is very cost effective.

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