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Existing and/or maintained Thatched Roofs are treated with a fire retardant chemical.

Fire-Guard is a marvelously effective product with the propensity to substantially retard fire or flames on coated substrates such as thatch, bamboo, timber, wood, reeds, cardboard, masonite, etc.


  • Is applied by spray by knap sack or other spray applicators as well as brush, or, with new thatch grass, it can be soaked in the chemical prior to application.
  • Has very good waterproofing, weatherproofing and protecting properties.
  • Is UV stable, thus has a prolonged outdoor life expectancy.
  • Is an opaque milky fluid with low viscosity, and will dry to a clear non-shiny finish.
  • Emits no fumes.
  • Has self-extinguishing properties.
  • Is activated to resist fungus, mildew and algae, giving it advanced longevity and improved health properties.
  • Has insecticidal properties making it unattractive to destructive insects.
  • Discourages the presence of destructive birds.
  • Is environmentally friendly.
  • Is not affected by rain and weather.


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